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The essential well being handbook for your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

The Fourth

The Fourth is a comprehensive postpartum workshop delivered over 12 weeks to mirror your fourth trimester journey.

* Expert nutrition and movement 

* Video, Audio, ebook and PDFs to suit your learning needs

*Specifically tailored to the first three months after birth, but relevant at any stage postpartum.

*Lifetime access

Independently reviewed and endorsed by leading industry professionals: Women’s Health Physiotherapists, GPs, Well Child Providers, Nutritionists, Professional Athletes and of course mums.


The Early Days

Our easily accessible mini course covering the FAQ’s of the first year of motherhood including;

* Starting Solids; first foods, when/how to start, BLW vs spoon feeding

* Nutrition and health for mama; First period after baby, weight loss, recipes

* Your postpartum body; common postpartum conditions and how to repair

* Short effective at home workouts to recondition, strengthen and reconnect




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