by | May 13, 2020

Emily Parks

BSc Human Nutrition

Associate Registered Nutritionist NZNS


Many of Emily’s first memories are surrounded by food. Sardine sandwiches at Nana and Grandads, Hundreds & Thousands biscuits for afternoon tea, and silver and gold coins wrapped in tinfoil and hidden in the Christmas cake. Even peeling potatoes for a family of 11 hasn’t shaken her love of spuds! Emily believes food should be enjoyed but knows that sometimes it’s not that easy, especially when diet culture tells us otherwise.

Emily wants you to know that food is not just fuel but a means to nourish your body, find pleasure, learn new skills, and create memories with friends and family.

Emily chose to study Human Nutrition at Massey University, alongside a minor degree in communications. She is the first to admit that the first year papers of chemistry and stats were not her strong point but muddled through until they got to the good stuff: nutrition communication; infant and maternal nutrition; and other specialities. In her final year, Emily accepted a role as a food industry nutritionist in the domestic meat sector. It was during these few years (pre-kids) that Emily honed in on her interest of infant and maternal nutrition. Emily regularly presented on introducing solids and created health promotion resources for feeding babies and during pregnancy.

Emily is currently working as the Marketing Manager for a popular local company, creates plenty of online content, and is Mama to two gorgeous wee babes.
Emily applies a non-judgmental, helpful and practical approach to nutrition. We love how supportive she is of every individuals’ choices, especially when it comes to personal preference and body autonomy.

Katie Swift

REPS Registered

Pilates, Barre & Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist


Katie’s love for movement began with her own dance career which saw her travel the globe to showcase her skills for over 13 years. Her passion for movement led empowerment meant adding Pilates, Reformer and Barre was a natural progression, teaching classes at the hottest studios in London and Auckland as well as leading teacher training programmes internationally, becoming an Ambassador for Lululemon and developing her own exercise programmes combining safe movement, body awareness and confidence.

Katie has worked alongside Physiotherapists, Womens Health Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and wellness experts, always learning from the best and leading classes for women in all different phases of life, especially pregnancy and postpartum.

It was after having her first baby in 2017 that Katie saw a gap in the knowledge and services for new mothers. Safe places and safe exercises for those recovering from birth were at a low, especially with lots of risky ‘quick fix’ social media campaigns targeting new mums.

Katie has brought her specialist knowledge to help many mums and special populations back to exercise and the life they love safely.

Now a mum of two lovely little ones, Katie is more aware than ever the need for clear, accurate, time savvy exercises which will actually help you, and add value to your day.

Katie dispels myths and delivers the facts about how to move your body. We love that Katie brings safe, fun and effective movement that is going to help repair and also challenge you.

Emily and Katie are passionate advocates for women and ensuring the proper postpartum care extend to mothers as well as  for their children.

A nourished mama can nourish others. An empowered mama can make good choices.

The Balanced Mama Project is committed to helping mothers. We are here for you.